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Your Graphic Hoodie Buying Guide: 7 Tips to Pick The Perfect Hoodie

Streetwear has proven to be one of the most prominent styles in fashion. Beyond a trend, this vein of apparel has combined with high-end and leisure looks to create something...

Streetwear has proven to be one of the most prominent styles in fashion. Beyond a trend, this vein of apparel has combined with high-end and leisure looks to create something groundbreaking and pivotal. No such piece is more iconic than the hoodie. 

The clothes you choose to buy are a direct extension of you wherever you go. At Coney Island Picnic, our brand is dedicated to elevating consciousness and causes that focus on subcultures and ideologies important to the philosophy of life as it is and will be.

Graphic hoodies are more than a product to us. They are the heart within which we operate. So, we’ve put together a buying guide to give you some tips on choosing the right graphic hoodie to add to your wardrobe. Ready to ride the wave? Let’s go: 

Who are you shopping for?

The person you’re purchasing for makes the biggest impact on what you decide to buy.

If it’s one for yourself, consider what your wardrobe is missing. Plenty of black and grey and want to create space for color? Just bought a new pair of joggers and need a graphic hoodie to complete the fit? Our psychedelic hoodies might be the perfect match. Higher level thoughts not included.

Maybe you’ve got a friend who loves your CIP pieces. Or know an outdoors enthusiast who needs an earth hoodie to represent their favorite place to be. If you only have a slight understanding of the style of the person you are buying for and need some clues, let’s lend a hand: 

  • Monochrome colors can be a safer bet because they can go with more outfits
  • Got an inside joke, common thread, or concept you know they like? Sort through your options from there. 
  • Consider picking out a zip-up if they are always wearing pullovers, or vice versa, to give them a new option to add to their wardrobe rotation.

At CIP, our collective of designers is never not inspired. Elevating concepts and graphics but making them wearable and relevant is their specialty. 

What Type of Hoodie?

Designed to be versatile from the get-go, hoodies also take it one step further with pullover and zip-up styles. While either option is good for layering, some people have a signature style that might lean one way or the other.


With a centre pocket and a wider cut to the torso, a pullover is a simple look that can be seamlessly thrown over or layered with just about anything. Warmth and comfort make the pullover graphic hoodie a popular choice. At CIP, we live for this style and the comfort it communicates.


A relaxed version of the already chill, zip-ups create a different look that can showcase more of your personality through your apparel. Show off a plain or graphic tee underneath without compromising your final look.

Slightly less insulated thanks to the zipper, this style lends itself better to milder temps but more practical ways to wear.

What material do you want?

When it comes to graphic hoodie fabrics, cotton reigns. It’s lightweight and breathable with a soft feel and insulating capabilities. Capable of taking on unique colors and perfect for pressing and sealing prints, this material makes up 80% of our hoodies. The other 20%? Polyester. It gives the cotton strength and durability, making it capable of withstanding plenty of washes without fading, stretching, or tearing. 

In a nod to the planet we love, some of our styles are made from organic cotton for that added feel-good feeling. Sustainability efforts are important to us, and we maintain our commitment to Earth with limited runs to avoid overproduction and ensure we can source quality materials.

What fit do you want?

How a graphic hoodie looks when it’s on depends on the fit of it. An indefinite or contoured silhouette starts with the sketch, taking shape through measurements and cuts that complete a final look perfect for your energy and preference.


Coney Island Athletics Club Graphic Pullover Hoodie

Slim-fit graphic hoodies are tailored to trim closer to the body and provide more precise measurements to match your average clothing range. Each runs true to size and embodies a more fitted look than a casual vibe.


Streetwear, more often than not, focuses on the exaggerated. Oversized graphic hoodies live in this vein, projecting a more relaxed style. You can play with sizes because they are designed with room to layer. Jump up or down a size depending on where you’re headed.

What are your interests?

At CIP, our collective of designers is inspired by nature and the metaphysical. We connect with subcultures and swim down from the mainstream. Weaving concepts together is part of what makes us distinct, not to mention our original designs and ideas. Spread the energy you want and showcase the most important things to you. 

Elevated doesn’t mean unattainable. While our thoughts are out of this world, we maintain designs that include apropos perspectives of real ideals that communicate the interests of youth today while keeping up with the curiosity of tomorrow.

What's your message?

Is the term activist part of your resume? Maybe you just like to spread peace and love without ever having to say it. We hear you. Coney Island Picnic uses our messaging thoughtfully. No kitschy phrases or out-of-touch proverbs here. Just messaging that resonates, and you can get behind or in front of. We also stock CIP-branded pieces for those who want to illustrate our way of life.

Color Selection

Whether black abounds your wardrobe or pastel is king, the color of your graphic hoodie is just as important as every other piece of the buying perplexion.

While we include monochrome options, we aren’t afraid to make a statement with muted tones and in-your-face dyes that take our apparel to another level.

Our hues are thoughtful and complement the graphic elements of our hoodies, allowing you to keep it simple or turn heads. 

We’ve got styles for any and everyone. Whether you want to keep it cute with graphic hoodies for women or need inspiration for your next streetwear haul, we’re here for it. Drop us a line



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