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4 Things to Consider When Buying Graphic Joggers

Streetwear dominated 90s fashion in a way that we couldn’t fully recognize until it became the norm over the last ten years. This apparel became timeless and synonymous with subcultures...

Streetwear dominated 90s fashion in a way that we couldn’t fully recognize until it became the norm over the last ten years. This apparel became timeless and synonymous with subcultures and those looking to break the mold. Joggers accomplished this in a subtle yet dominant way. The cut and fit of this style are reminiscent of sweatpants but with an elevated nuance. If you are a true purveyor of streetwear, you have at least one pair folded up in your closet.

Graphics are the mainstay that has held a common thread throughout streetwear history. Combining their distinct and eye-catching prints with joggers wasn’t always the way to go, but we make our own rules at CIP. Let’s talk about graphic joggers, how to pick them, and some of our favorite pieces.

What are Graphic Joggers?

Joggers, by definition, are loose pants made of various materials with an elasticated cuff on the bottom of each leg and around the waist. They are so named because of their wearability to jog in, but the rise of leisure wear as outerwear has added to that purpose. 

Tapering to the ankle for a straight-leg or skinny effect, joggers can be worn with almost any look or style. Graphic joggers take a more radical stance on the plain chino or colorway associated with this fashion piece. Retaining the same silhouette and fit, a graphic jogger includes a classic design evocative of something bigger. At CIP, our collective of designers is interested in creating patterns that move the needle on human consciousness. Their creativity comes into play as they work their concept onto pants and our other graphic apparel. Our graphic joggers emulate the way forward for this staple in fashion.

What Style Do You Like?

As styles evolve, brands, too, must change with the times. The look of joggers from the 90s compared to the last decade is derivative but different. The look you are known for plays into the style you will reach for.


The classic fit that everyone seems to have picked is the streetwear look. This style is considered the crux for both men and women, creating a clean, polished vibe or chilled-out fit. 


A look into the past only gives us more perspective on what we find fashionable today. The joggers of the 90s are less fitted and wider in the leg and waist. They demonstrate a more laid-back feel that instantly transports you to pre-Y2K.

Joggers or Sweatpants?

The age-old ruling for streetwear lovers everywhere. Lucky for you, CIP is invested in all aspects of streetwear, whether you lean towards joggers or graphic sweatpants. Our pieces are made to stand out, which is why the fits for our bottoms couldn’t be anything but different.

Casual is an all-encompassing word used to describe the vibe that sweatpants give off. Expect a roomier fit and final look that projects the term oversized.

Joggers, on the other hand, can be dressed up or down. Thanks to their silhouette and obvious cuff, they create a more defined look. 

What Are You Pairing Them With?

At CIP, we work our designs into all of our apparel items. It allows our customers to buy a full look or pick pieces that speak to them the most. We embrace your style as you see it, and our tops include tees, sweatshirts and hoodies, and the occasional crop and camp shirt. 

Without knowing your style, our recommendations might seem offbeat or tone-deaf. We get it. But we like to think we’ve got a handle on what looks good. Oversized joggers are a great base to pair with something more fitted or equally massive. Play with tee and hoodie sizing to find that balance you love to see in the mirror. Pair designs with the same message or contrasting colors based on your mood and our hues.

What do You Want to Say?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are the graphics on our joggers worth? Something philosophical to think about. In any case, our designs are otherworldly yet completely current. The thoughts, feelings, and skills of our collective of designers means there are no two the same. We focus on concepts that relate to each other, our planet, and our cosmic presence. You don’t need to feel any kind of way to appreciate the themes we put forward.

Consider a cause close to your heart. Try wearing your thoughts on your pant leg rather than your sleeve. Connect to the planet or simply rep the CIP way of life. Whatever you are trying to say, words can’t always fill the void, but our graphic joggers can try.

Our Top Picks

We don’t like to pick favorites. All our pieces are one-of-a-kind and limited runs, so even if we have to choose, who knows what our next flavor of the week will be? Either way, here are some current styles that we’ve been adding to cart:


Inner Peace Seekers Sweatpants

It's the graphic for us. The way it splays across the legs with a marbled look is anything but plain. Also, made with organic cotton, so the fabric feels good and does good for the planet. 


Use Water Wisely Sweatpants

We can’t get enough of the dye job on this pair of graphic sweatpants. It’s also got three pockets for all the stuff you can’t fit in just two.


Be Present Sweatpants

Understated without being underrated. These relaxed men’s fit graphic sweatpants come in two colors and invite you to take a step back and appreciate where you are at.

We work to set the curve on graphic apparel like our joggers and sweatpants. If you want to connect with us about our process, we’re down to chat about it. Drop us a line sometime or send us a pic of your fit and how you rep the CIP way of life. 


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