About Coney Island Picnic

Coney Island Picnic Ticket
Coney Island Picnic started in 2021 with a vision to create a graphics-led fashion and lifestyle brand that celebrates creativity and inclusivity. We wanted to provide a platform for our family of artists and designers from around the world to let their imaginations run wild and unleash their creative potential.
In the world of limited drops and exclusivity, we’re inclusive. We aren't here just to make clothes, we believe that a community is more important than a brand. Our community-first approach means that we strive to form a common ground with all crowds, bringing together a diverse range of people who share our passion for self-exploration and boundary-pushing. Our customers are constantly evolving and so are we.
We are committed to sustainability and creating pieces that are made to last. That’s why we use high-quality recycled and ethically sourced materials when possible. Our tees and fleece are made using organic cotton, which means less water and no chemicals or pesticides. To minimize waste, we produce a limited quantity of each style, ensuring that every piece is made carefully with love and attention to detail.
CIP is inspired by the vibrant and diverse culture of Coney Island. We believe that every piece we create is a reflection of the world around us, and we take pride in our commitment to celebrating difference and diversity. Coney Island Picnic is a community where all creatives can play together. So, come join the picnic.