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Four Streetwear Trends in 2023

We’ll dive into the hot styles we see emerging this year and where you can find them to add to your closet:

Four Streetwear Trends in 2023

As we inch further and further away from the early 2000s, the vortex of Y2K fashion creeps closer into our wardrobes. Whether you’ve noticed it or not, the resurgence of what was cool 20 years ago always has a way of coming back into style. In 2023 we stare down the runways and see familiar silhouettes, fabrics, and trends that beckon a blast from the past.

Streetwear trends evolve with people. It only takes one person to think something is cool before it influences someone else into feeling the same way. One thing is for sure: streetwear is ubiquitous in youth culture. It always has been and always will be. In this post, we’ll dive into the hot styles we see emerging this year and where you can find them to add to your closet.

Varsity Jackets

Varsity Jacket 1Varsity Jacket 2

A nod to the sports culture that often influences streetwear trends, a varsity jacket never really goes out of style. Currently, it’s peaking at a level where everyone wants one. These jackets typically have fabric cuffs and collars along the neck and waistline. The body material is usually made from wool, but poly-blends are a more popular fabric nowadays. The arms tend to be crafted from a leather-type fabric, distinguishing varsity jackets from similar pieces, like bombers. The button-up front and pockets are complemented by a graphic on the back. When it comes to sports, this could be a last name or team name, along with a mascot. On the front, the jersey number and a star, if you're the captain.

Love this trend but looking for something a little less on the field? At CIP, we got you. Our varsity jackets are crafted with the same attention to detail as our other apparel, focusing more on the history of these pieces. Combining traditional materials with the CIP way of life, our believe varsity jacket puts the emphasis on other life being out there. Whether you’ve seen a UFO or not, the eye-catching details are sure to turn heads just as fast. For something more subtle, our travel service varsity jacket is a classic blue-hued look with a bold graphic on the front and back reminiscent of our signature style. Both pieces are machine washable for easy care, and easy wear.

Baggy Clothing

Sweatpants 1Sweatpants 2

What’s in a name? Baggy; oversized, loose-fitting, shapeless, roomy, and billowing. Most streetwear trends focus on an exaggerated shape, with silhouettes extending to hapless sizes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress these options up or keep them down. Baggy clothing has had plenty of peaks and valleys throughout recent years, but staple items like sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies, and joggers all follow oversized conventions. There’s something expressive about dressing comfortably, without focusing too much on being casual about it.

ICYMI, Coney Island is all about oversized looks. From our graphic joggers and sweatpants to graphic crewnecks and hoodies, we believe in graphics and baggy clothes as an eternal streetwear trend. We switch it up from the norm with limited runs and new prints, so you can always find something to catch your eye, update your closet, and keep your look fresh.

Trucker Hats

Baseball Hat 1Baseball hat 2

You’d be hard-pressed to walk into a mall in the early 2000s without being confronted by a wave of trucker hats. And their resurgence has just begun. Unlike the typical baseball cap, a trucker hat is a statement piece. Most hats feature a padded front with a wide brim accompanied by a graphic. the back is made of a mesh material connected through a snap connector in the back for optimal adjustment. Wear it forwards, backwards, or sideways. It’s always going to turn heads.

Youth culture is at the core of what we do. Trucker hats defined a generation, and they continue to be a statement that floods timelines with iconic looks. So we embrace trucker hats with an up-to-date take, printing and embroidering our spirit of subcultures on each and every one we make.

Printed Knits and Fleece

Knit Sweater 1Knit Sweater 2

Textured elements are an easy way to elevate a bland look. Add a print, and it’s giving streetwear trend in 2023. Knits can be woven by hand or machine, typically from heavier fabrics like wool, but cotton and linen are also spinnable and thus can be transformed into a lightweight knit piece. Fleeces are a functional choice for cooler weather, but they also add a layer of depth to a look with a short collar and simple silhouette. With a printed fleece, you get a new vibe that is sure to turn heads and make your friends say, “where did you get that?”

We at Coney Island Picnic understand staple pieces. But we’re also interested in branching  into streetwear trends that make sense. For us, that comes in the form of our rogue wave knit crew, which combines the eye-catching graphic you know and love CIP for with an abstract concept that feels more organic on a knit piece. Sherpa is a fleece also known as faux-sheepskin or faux-shearling. It has a thick and warm pile on one side and is flat on the other. Similar to the knit as mentioned above, our rogue wave sherpa fleece jacket features vibrant and deep hues of oranges and yellows. In contrast, our shattered sherpa fleece jacket has a broken glass effect created by the high fibres of the material.

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Fashion shows, red carpets, and millions of IG pics can be a lot to take when you’re searching for the hottest streetwear trends in 2023. Luckily, Coney Island Picnic keeps our hands on the pulse of what’s cool. We stay current with limited runs to push the boundaries of creativity. By using fewer resources and incorporating initiatives like using organic cotton into our process, we continue to show up and show out on trends with graphics that represent our point of view. Got questions? We’ve got answers.


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