We’ll go ahead and say it: our puff print shorts are the bee's knees. Choose from mesh or sweat-style materials, both featuring our iconic puff print, sure to stand out in a crowd or match your laid-back approach to your look. They're perfect for all kinds of occasions, from a casual day out with friends to a hot summer music festival.

Why Puff Print Shorts?

If you haven’t guessed by now, CIP is all about graphics that transcend and yet ground us in fundamental concepts that are central to our experiences. Puff print is our way of going one step further than your traditional graphic print and introducing a new level of dimension to streetwear.

We follow a specific approach in creating our collections. Our design philosophy centers around using a single print to create a range of different pieces. While you may find some of these designs on other apparel, like our hoodies and tees, we went the extra mile to include puff print shorts because we know that sometimes, you've got to let those legs breathe.

New Styles and Limited Runs

Moving forward in fashion is how we see the trajectory of CIP. We stay true to streetwear silhouettes and styles but are all about dynamic and new concepts that make our graphics timeless yet finite with limited runs. See something you like? Snatch it while you can.
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